Selective Copy

A selective copy allows you to copy specific full backup jobs from a source copy. The source copy can be a primary, a synchronous copy or a selective copy. In order to have set a selective copy as the source copy all the client associations must be identical. Selective copy facilitates better tape rotation.

You can define a selective copy as follows:

  • Automatically copy first or last full backup jobs based on automatic time-based selection such as all, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

    Advanced options allows you to copy the jobs based on a frequency of number of cycles, days, weeks or months.

    For example, only the first or last full backup that occurs within the selected week, month, quarter, half-year, or year can be copied.

    Important: The selective copy considers the Start Time of a backup job.

  • Manually select the jobs to be copied during an Auxiliary Copy operation.

    See Manually Select a Job to Copy for instructions.

Note: When you enable Reconcile Backup option for a subclient, a selective copy selects eligible incremental jobs along with the synthetic full job to ensure restorability of the synthetic full job. For more information, see Synchronizing Data on the Disk and the Index for the Windows File System Agent.

Selective Online Full jobs are considered for Selective Copy for Oracle, Oracle RAC and SAP for Oracle agents by default.

Last modified: 3/12/2020 3:43:02 PM