V11 SP8

Release Notes - Known Issues in Service Pack 6

Whether you are installing this software for the first time, or upgrading from a previous version, please note these important considerations.

If you are upgrading from a previous release or service pack, also review the following pages:

The following issues are in addition to the Known Issues in Version 11.

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Commvault Software Fails to Be Installed on Windows Clients When Another Software Installation Is Running

If you install the Commvault software when another software installation is running, the Commvault installation fails, and then generates errors which you can see in the following log files:

  • Commvault_ContentStore_<timestamp>_WindowsFileSystemiDataAgentCore.log:

    MSI (c) (34:F8) [22:02:37:365]: MainEngineThread is returning 1618

  • Install.log:

    ### - Started install/update of package: WindowsFileSystemiDataAgentCore...
    ### - Error: Failed to update File System Core(WindowsFileSystemiDataAgentCore) with error code 0x80070652.
    ### - Set application exit code=[Failed]
    ### - Abort cache package thread. ### - Apply packages completed ... Status = -2147023278
    ### - Error: Installation failed. Please check the logs at [C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\Log Files].
    ### - Set application exit code=[FailedInstallPackage]

To resolve this issue, you must wait until the other software installation finishes. As a best practice, make sure that other installations are not running when you install the Commvault software.

Remote Installations of Updates Are Not Supported for Stand-Alone CommCell Console Clients

The CommCell Console does not support the installation of updates and service packs on client computers that only have the CommCell Console software installed. To update these CommCell Console clients, you must install the updates locally on the clients by using the installation package or the Download Manager.

This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.

CommCell Management

Log Monitoring and System Monitoring Data Is Not Available

To use Log Monitoring and System Monitoring in Service Pack 6, contact your software provider to obtain the following hotfixes: 459, 460, 461, 462, 463, and 473.

Download Center Icon Disappears from the Web Console Landing Page

After upgrading to the latest service pack, the Download Center icon might not be visible on the Web Console landing page.

To resolve this issue, you can execute the following QScript on the CommServe computer to re-enable the Download Center icon in your Web Console:

qoperation execscript -sn WebFeatures -si "add" -si "2"

For more information about running QScripts, see Using QScripts on the Command Line.

Backup Agents

Restoring Office 365 Sites with SharePoint

Note the following caveats when you browse and restore Office 365 sites from the subclient level:

  • When restoring multiple libraries, select each library individually to perform the restore operation.
  • If you have deleted or recreated a library with the same name, in-place restore of that deleted library will fail.
  • You cannot restore individual versioned documents. Select the complete document for restore.

SQL Server 2012 and 2014 Log Restores to a Database in a Stand-By State May Fail

SQL Server log restores to a database in the stand-by state are affected by a Microsoft issue. Refer to Microsoft Support article Restore Log with Standby Mode on an Advanced Format disk may cause a 9004 error in SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012. As a workaround, perform restores of database and transaction logs using the NORECOVERY option.

Upgrade Client Computers After You Upgrade the CommServe Computer

Applies to: Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Mail and Google Drive, GPFS, Greenplum, and Hadoop

After you upgrade your CommServe computer to Commvault Service Pack 6, you must also upgrade your client computers to Commvault Service Pack 6. Otherwise, backup and restore operations will fail.

Backup Support for File Path or File Name with 1024 Characters

Applies to: Windows File System Agent

Starting with Service Pack 6, you can back up files that have file paths or file names that contain more than 1024 characters. Previously, files that had file paths or file names that contained more than 1024 characters were skipped during backups.

After you upgrade to Service Pack 6, run a full backup operation in order to back up all the data that was skipped in the previous Service Pack version.

Archiving Agents

Oracle Archiving in Parquet Format Restore with Import to Source Database Option

When an Oracle Archive uses the Parquet format, do not select the option to restore the data to the source (production) table (Advanced Restore Options dialog box, Import Options tab, Import data into source table check box). This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.


Hyper-V node crashes when performing a backup to a LUN that supports 4K sectors

Commvault Service Pack 5 includes a changed block tracking (CBT) driver with 4K LUN support. In a Hyper-V cluster environment where not all nodes have been upgraded to SP5 or later, an older driver version that attempts to write 512 byte blocks to a LUN that uses 4K sectors can cause a system crash on the Hyper-V node that is performing the backup.

For more information, see KB article HPV0026.

Snapshot Management

Inconsistent Volume Backup Occurs Because of Manually Deleted IntelliSnap and Backup Copy Jobs

Applies to: UNIX File System, Windows File System, Oracle, MySQL, and PostGreSQL with block-level backup enabled

If block-level backups are enabled and unmaterialized IntelliSnap or backup copy jobs are manually deleted, the subsequent backup copy job does not include the changes that happened during the deleted IntelliSnap or backup copy job. This could result in inconsistent volume backups. You might not be able to recover the file system or database from the backed-up data.

To resolve this issue, if an unmaterialized IntelliSnap or backup copy is manually deleted, run an immediate full, block-level backup job.

Edge Endpoint Solutions

Data To Process Value Mismatch for Edge Backups During Auxiliary Copy Jobs

If Edge backup data is being processed during the auxiliary copy operation, the values in the Total Data Processed field in the Auxiliary Copy Job Details dialog box might exceed the Total Data to Process field and the auxiliary copy job may keep running at 100%. This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.


Analytics Engines Need More Time When Upgrading to the Latest Service Pack

The upgrade process for MediaAgents configured with Analytics Engine can take longer to complete for the latest service pack than previous service packs. This is because the index will also be upgraded to the latest version.

Analytics Engines that are configured with the following roles are affected:

  • Log Monitoring
  • Edge Drive
  • Review Set, if review sets were created in previous Version 11 service packs
  • Data Analytics
  • Download Center

Some Details are Missing from the Data Analytics Duplicate File Report

In Data Analytics, the Duplicate File Report does not show the correct information for Size of Duplicate Files and Number of Duplicate Files. This issue will be addressed in a future service pack.

Running Data Analytics for Virtual Server Agents on Storage Policies Is No Longer Supported

After SP6, you can no longer run Data Analytics for Virtual Server Agents at the storage policy level. You must run the analytics operation at the client group level in the CommCell Console. For more information, see Run Analytics on a Client Group.