V11 SP8

Preinstallation Checklist for the SharePoint Server Agent

The SharePoint Server Agent backs up and restores content databases and transaction logs in your enterprise. The SharePoint Server Agent also performs both full system rebuilds and granular backup and recovery of your data. For more information, see Overview - SharePoint Server Agent.

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where the SharePoint Server Agent will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

  • Verify License Requirements

    Based on the licensing mechanism used in your CommCell environment, verify that the CommCell has the required licenses to use the SharePoint Server Agent. For more information, see License Requirements - SharePoint Server Agent.

  • Determine the Installation Location

    Based on your environment, install the SharePoint Server Agent on the appropriate computer.

    Environment Where to install the software
    Non-Clustered On the computer on which the SharePoint Server resides.
    Clustered On the physical nodes of the cluster where the SharePoint Server resides.

    On the SharePoint farm, install the software on the Application Server that hosts the Central Administration site.

  • Verify Required Permissions

    Verify that you have the required permissions for the following accounts:

    Accounts Permissions Required
    SharePoint user account that has access to the SharePoint farm
    • Local administrative rights
    • FARM administrator rights
    • SP Shell administrator permissions
    • Full control under Policy for Web Application for every Web Application
    • SQL System Admin Server Role for the instance where SharePoint Databases resides
    • Site Administrator permissions for all Site Collections
    • Full permissions to the Job Results and Log Files folders
    SQL Server Services account for the SharePoint instance Full permissions to the Job Results and Log Files folders.
    SharePoint Services Timer account Full permissions to the Job Results and Log Files folders.
    All Web Application Pools accounts Full permissions to the Job Results and Log Files folders.

    • Commvault services account, also known as the SharePoint Administrator account, is used to run the SharePoint backup operation.
    • The Job Results directory should not point to the system drive (C:) of the computer.

      For steps to change the Job Results directory, see Changing the Path of the Job Results Directory.

  • Configure User Accounts

    Ensure to meet the following prerequisites before installing the SharePoint Agent:

    • Commvault services account must be a member of the local administrators group.
    • Log onto the SharePoint server as a Commvault service account user to run the following command:

      Add-SPShellAdmin -username DOMAIN\YourUser

    • Restart the Commvault services account to update service account information after assigning permissions, else it will use old information in the cache.
    • Use the same user account to run the SQL agent and the SQL server account.
    • Commvault user should be a sysadmin user on the SQL server where the configuration database resides.

    You can run CVSPCompatibilityCheck tool to ensure that all the above mentioned permissions are set properly. For more information, see KB article SP0001.

    We do not support ADFS account to be used as a service account for Commvault SharePoint Agent.

  • Gather Installation Data

    Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

    You can install the SharePoint Server Agent using either the CommCell Console or the installation package created by the Download Manager. Any item that applies to only one of these installation methods is noted.

    Commvault package to install
    Install the SharePoint package, which is listed under the Applications category.

    If the File System Agent is not installed on the computer, the File System Core and File System packages are automatically installed with the package you selected. The File System Agent will not consume any license.

    To gather the required information for the File System Agent, refer to the Gather Installation Data section in the Preinstallation Checklist for the Windows File System Agent.

    Client computer details
    If the File System Agent, or another package, is already installed on the computer, you are not required to gather all the computer details again. The level of detail depends on how the package you selected is installed:
    • For installations using the CommCell Console, the installation program requests only the name of the client computer.
    • For installations using the installation package, the installation program reads the details from the previous installation.
    SharePoint Server details
    Collect the following SharePoint server details:
    • Server name
    • Administrator user account to access the SharePoint server