V11 SP8

Installer: Optional Settings

Use this page in the wizard to select optional settings for the installation job.

Job Results to this folder

Select to specify a location for the Job Results directory. This directory is used to store the backup and restore job results of the client.

Index cache to this folder

Select to specify the location where you want to store the index cache files.

Note: The complete length of this path cannot exceed 75 characters.

Install to this folder

Select to specify a different location to install the Commvault packages that you selected.

Use this option if you do not want to install the software on the default location:

  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\CommVault\ContentStore
  • On UNIX: /opt/commvault

Log File Location (This is applicable for installing on UNIX clients)

Select to specify the directory where you want to store the installation log file.

CVD Port

Select to specify the network port number on the client computer for communications with the CommServe database.

CommServe Override

Select to specify a different host name of the CommServe computer. Use this option only if you want the client to connect with the CommServe computer using an alternate host name.

If the client connects to the CommServe computer through a NAT/Gateway, specify the host name of the gateway.