V11 SP8

Download the Commvault Software

The Commvault software consists of agents, server packages, and tools, as well as updates from the current service pack.

When you download the software needed by your environment, Commvault bundles the necessary software files in an installation package (also called installation media), which allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Install agents, tools, or other Commvault software on new computers.
  • Install service pack updates on computers that have the Commvault software installed.
  • Upgrade computers that have previous versions of the software.

You can download the software by using the Download Manager or the CommCell Console.

Download Using the Download Manager

Use this download method if you want to run installations or upgrades from an installation package. The Download Manager application bundles an installation package with the software you choose to download.

You can download software for Windows and UNIX computers. For instructions, choose the appropriate download procedure:

Download Using the CommCell Console

Use this download method if you want to run installations or upgrades from the CommCell Console. The software is downloaded to the CommServe cache directory.

For more information, see Downloading Software Using the CommCell Console.

Remember: The CommServe software and CommCell Console must be already installed in your environment.

Additional Software

Certain software packages are not available for download from neither the CommCell Console nor Download Manager. For example, the 1-Touch software for Linux and FreeBSD is available on a separate disc.

You can download additional software packages from the Cloud Services or Maintenance Advantage websites. To review the software available for download, see Installation Media List. For the download instructions, see Downloading Installation Media.