V11 SP8

Cleaning Media Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to view hardware and configuration information about a cleaning media.


The number displayed on the barcode label of the cleaning media.

Unique ID

The unique ID generated by the system for the cleaning media when the media was imported and discovered.

Currently in Library

The name of the library in which the cleaning media is used.

Last Written in Library

Not Applicable to Cleaning Media.


The location of the cleaning media. If the media is inside the library, this field displays the storage slot in which the cleaning media resides. If the cleaning media is outside the library and you entered a location when you exported it (e.g., Shelf 4 in Storage Room), that location is displayed here. Note that the system has no control over media once they leave the library; it is your responsibility to ensure that exported media are stored in the location entered.

Product Info
  • Media Type

    The hardware type of the media (e.g., DLTtape IV).

  • Discovered On

    The time at which the media was discovered.

  • Last Exported Time

    The most recent time at which the media was exported.

  • Number Of Uses

    The number of times a media was mounted on a drive.

  • Condition

    The condition of the media based on the values set as maintenance thresholds for Media Retirement, for the media type. The media is indicated as Bad when the soft errors goes beyond the threshold value for soft errors. Similarly, the media is indicated as Deprecated when the number of mounts and number of years exceed their threshold values. If the media does not exceed any of these thresholds, then it is indicated as Good.