V11 SP8

QR Volume Creation

Use this dialog box to schedule or immediately perform a QR operation or snapshot. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Select Operation

  • Create QR Volume(s)

    Specifies that this operation will copy all of the data from volumes in the selected subclient's content.

  • Incrementally update QR Volume(s)

    Establishes the job as an Incremental Update. When run for the first time Incremental Update will perform a full QR Volume creation. Subsequent incremental updates will only update changed blocks on the volume.

  • Run Deduplication on destination volume after transfer

    Specifies that the block level deduplication will be run on a destination snapshot after the transfer is complete. This option will only be available if the file server supports Deduplication.

  • Start Suspended

    Specifies that this job will start in the Job Controller in a suspended state and cannot run until the job is manually resumed using the Resume option.

  • Snapshot

    Specifies that this operation will create a snapshot.

  • Make Shadows Transportable

    Specifies that the VSS hardware snapshot will be transportable. The shadow must be transportable if you want to import it.

  • Import Shadow

    Specifies that the VSS hardware snapshot will be imported to, and mounted on, the selected host.

  • Source-Destination Map

    Click to specify a destination for the shadow to be imported on a host.

  • Activate Snapshot

    Specifies that the EMC SnapView snapshot will be activated (mounted) after creation. This option only appears when creating EMC SnapView snapshots.

  • Backup Snapshots

    Select to perform backup of a snapshot after it is created.

  • Enter Backup Details

    Click to open the Backup dialog box to specify the details of the backup job.

Job Initiation

  • Schedule

    Specifies that this job will be scheduled.

  • Run Immediately

    Specifies that this job will run immediately.

  • Save as a Script

    Specifies that this job and selected options will be saved as a script file.

Configure Alert

  • Add Alert

    Click to open the Add Alert Wizard to configure an alert for this operation.

  • Delete Alert

    Click to delete any existing alerts that are already configured for this operation.


Click to open the QR Volume Creation Advanced Options dialog, or, if you already have an existing schedule for Incremental Updates for a Workflow,  the Destination Volumes and Mount Points for QR Incremental Update dialog.