V11 SP8

DR Backup Settings

Use this dialog box to change configuration parameters that apply to Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups.

Export Settings

  • Number of full Metadata Backups to be retained

    The number of full Disaster Recovery backup cycles that are available for restoration.

  • Backup Metadata Destination folder type

    Allows you to specify if you want Disaster Recovery backup data to be on a network or local drive.

    Use Network Share

    Backs up Disaster Recovery data to a network share.

    Use Local Drive

    Backs up Disaster Recovery data to a local drive.

    If there is no MediaAgent configured, it is recommended that you specify a network share for the destination folder.

  • Back Up Metadata to this folder

    Type or browse to a network share or local drive.


    Allows you to browse to a network share or local drive.

  • User Name

    Identifies the Windows user account under which Disaster Recovery backups are conducted. This account must have read/write permissions to the location identified by Back Up Metadata To This Folder.


    Displays the Change User Account dialog box, which allows you to establish or change the designated User Name.

Backup Settings

  • Use VSS

    When selected, uses VSS (Volume Shadow Services) to backup the CommServe log files, during the backup phase (phase 2) of DR Backups, to ensure that locked files are included in the backup. (When cleared, DR backups could get stuck if another process tries to access the log file at the same time.)

  • Back Up Metadata to this Disaster Recovery Storage Policy

    All storage policies defined are included in the drop-down box. Select the storage policy to backup the Disaster Recovery metadata.

  • Wildcard Settings for Backup Log Files

    Specify the log files to be included in disaster recovery backup operations. If user configures clients to backup log files, the disaster recovery job will backup the specified logs files from all selected clients.