V11 SP8

Advanced Restore Options (Redirect)

Use this dialog box to rename and/or redirect one or more data files when the data is restored as well as to redirect table spaces to another location for restore.

Redirect All Table Spaces to

Specifies whether to redirect all table spaces displayed in the Object column to the specified location. Use the space or click Browse to include or change this location. 


Specifies whether individual table spaces and/or data files can be redirected to the specified location. Select the desired table space(s) and/or datafile(s) in the window that you want to redirect and type the path in the New Path entry field.

New Path

Displays the specified location for redirection.  You can use this space to modify this location.


Click to browse to a new path. The new path will then be displayed in the New Path entry field.


Click to set the path or name changes. Changes will then be displayed in the New Path column.


Click to clear the New Path entry field.


Click to find an old path location and replace it with the new path

Redirect Temp Table Spaces To

Select to type or browse the location to restore all the data and temp files to a different directory structure than the source database. You can redirect these data and temp files to a duplicate database during the restore.

Redirect Online Redo Logs

Type the path to the location where the software creates the online redo logs for a cross machine restore. You can use this option when you want the online redo log location on the destination to be different from the source location.