V11 SP8

Installer Error Codes

The following table lists the error codes that you might see during unattended (silent) installations on Windows computers:

Code Description
0 Installation was successful.
1 Installation Failed
2 Installation was cancelled
3 Requires a reboot for completing the installation
4 Required to log off from the client
5 Required to reboot the client computer and resume the installation
6 Conflict with the client name
8 License is not available
9 Unable to resolve the CommServe host name
10 Install folder is not empty
11 The specified client name is in use
12 The specified host name is in use
13 Detected an unfinished interactive install
14 The selected platform is not allowed
15 Detected an unfinished install
16 The specified port is in use
17 The selected platforms are already installed
18 Available disk space is low
19 Client authentication failed
20 Cluster Virtual machine has been detected
21 Failed to stop Oracle services
22 Oracle services are running
23 No installed instance has been detected
24 SIM Operation failed
25 Jobs are in progress
26 It is not allowed to upgrade the selected package
27 The required service pack is missing
28 Failed to create the application
29 Failed to enable web alias authentication
30 The client is part of search engine cloud

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