V11 SP8

Controlling the Client Owners Who Can See Alerts in the Web Console

You can control which client owners can see the subscription-based alerts in the Web Console. This prevents restricted client owners from subscribing to or unsubscribing from the subscription-based alerts created by the administrator. For information on creating subscription-based alerts, see Setting Up Subscription-Based Alerts.


  1. On the CommServe computer, add the bEnableSecurityForSubscriptionAlerts additional setting:
    Property Value
    Name bEnableSecurityForSubscriptionAlerts
    Category CommServDB.GxGlobalParam
    Type Boolean
    Value True

    For instructions on adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

  2. Set the security for the client owners:
    • For client owners who should not see subscription-based alerts in the Web Console, no configuration is required after the additional setting is added and set to true.
    • For client owners who should see subscription-based alerts in the Web Console, create a security association for the client owner that includes the following:
      • A role that includes the Edit Alert Associations permission.
      • The subscription-based alerts the client owner should see.

      For instructions on creating a security association for a client owner, see Administering the Security Associations of a User.