V11 SP8

Browse and Restore Data: Overview

The Browse feature lets you search and restore data at the backup set or subclient level. It is supported by the iDataAgents shown on Browse and Restore Data: Support.

To browse the latest backed-up data, follow these steps:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > File System.
  2. Right-click a backup set, point to All Tasks, then click Browse and Restore.
  3. Select and set any desired options, then click View Content. The latest data backed up by all the subclients appears in the Client: client_name tab.
  4. Select items to restore by clicking the selection box to the left of each item name. The selection icons indicate these conditions:
    The item is not selected.
    The item is selected. If it is a folder, all child objects are selected also.
  5. Right-click a file or folder, then choose an action:
    • To restore the single item you right-clicked, click Restore Current Selected.
    • To restore all items currently selected, click Restore All Selected.
    • To find items by entering search criteria, click Find.

Note: For large restores (those with more than approximately 10,000 items), restoring by filtered browsing (see Browse and Restore Using Filters) may provide better performance than restoring via the Find feature.

Views that Browse Provides

By default, Browse presents your data in a familiar "tree view," similar to Windows Explorer. It also provides a "flat view", which shows all files and folders from the selected point in the tree, recursively down to the bottom of the backup, formatted as a table. To change to flat view, in the upper-right corner of the results area, click the Flat View button, . To change back to tree view, click the Tree View button, .

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For options available to you when using the Browse feature, see Browse and Restore Data: Advanced.