V11 SP8

Changing the Owner of a Smart Client Computer Group

You can change the owner of a smart client computer group to another user or a user group.

To see a list of client computer groups and their owners, from the CommCell Browser, click the Client Computer Groups node.

About This Task

The owner of the smart client computer group must have the following permissions:

  • The Agent Management permission on the client computers that will be automatically added to the smart client computer group.

    If the owner does not have permission on a client, the client is not added to the smart client computer group even if it meets the criteria defined in the rules.

    Tip: If you create a smart client computer group but you do not have the correct permissions, you can assign another user or user group to be the owner. If you assign a user as the owner, you must enter the user's password.

  • For the permissions needed to add clients to or remove clients from a client computer group, see User Security Permissions and Permitted Actions by Feature.

Best Practice: Assign a user group as the owner of the client group. Because the required permissions are at the user group level, the client group is not affected if an individual user is deleted or has permissions removed.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the client_computer_group, and then click Properties.

    The Client Group dialog box appears. The current owner is displayed in the Owner box.

  2. To the right of the Owner box, click Change.

    The Owner dialog box appears.

  3. Click the user or user group with the correct permissions and click OK.
  4. If you chose a user as the owner, in the Enter Password dialog box, enter the user's password.
  5. Click OK.


Clients are added to the client computer group based on the permissions of the user or user group you chose.