V11 SP8

Personalization Requests


You can contact the Consulting Services Group to request customized work for your organization. Personalized services include the following projects.

Reporting Scripts

Reporting scripts are raw SQL scripts/views that are used to collect data. We write custom reporting scripts based on customer requirements, and then deliver the reporting scripts in a variety of formats. Customers can use reporting scripts in the following ways:

  • Use the script/view to create a new report in Build-Your-Own Reports.
  • Download a complete report from the Report Store.
  • Receive a complete report in an update for Enterprise Metrics Reporting Server.

Test Automation

The Test Automation feature consists of test scripts and suites that are used to validate whether the production environment functions properly.

Workflow and Operation Scripts

Workflow and operation scripts include any scripts that automatically configure settings. Typically, these include a set of things combined with and scheduled through workflow for repeated use.

Snap Certification

This service includes certifying particular snap engines.

Making a Request

To request any of the personalization services, contact your Account Representative.