V11 SP8

Branding Your Consoles

You can customize the CommCell Console to use the logo and images of your organization.

Important: Customizing the CommCell Console will also update the logo in the Web Console, Admin Console, and Compliance Search. If you do not want to update the other consoles, do not customize the CommCell Console. If you want to customize the other consoles separately (except the Web Console), see the appropriate topic:

Before You Begin

On the CommServe computer, make sure that the Software_Installation_Directory/GUI folder includes the OEM folder. If the OEM folder does not exist, create it.


The following steps describe the process to brand your consoles:

Step 1: Upload Your Images to the Cloud Services Website

  1. Go to the Branding Your Console page in the Cloud Services website.
  2. On the Brand Your Console page, download the default console images by clicking the button that matches with your Commvault version.

    Note: The default console images are needed so that you can replace them with your images.

  3. Extract the downloaded zip file to your computer.
  4. Replace the images contained in the downloaded folder with your organization's images.

    Important: The image resolution, dimensions, file name, format, and folder structure must remain the same as the downloaded files.

  5. Compress the folder that contains the images that you replaced.
  6. To upload your images to the Cloud for further processing, complete the following steps: Enter the company name and software version in the Upload files dialog box, as follows:
    1. In the Company box, type the name of your organization.
    2. In the Version box, select the Commvault version that you use.
    3. In the Also notify box, you can specify the email address of users that you want to notify.
    4. Click Choose File and select the compressed file that contains your images.
    5. Click Upload Now.

    When your images have been processed, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

Step 2: Replace Commvault Images With Your Images

  1. After you receive the email with an attached zip file, save the zip file on the CommServe computer and on any other client computer where the CommCell Console or Web Console is installed.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Complete the following steps on each computer where the CommCell Console is installed:
    1. From the extracted folder, locate the custombrandimages.jar file and copy it to the Software_Installation_Directory\GUI folder.
    2. Go to the extracted_folder\GUI\Web\101 folder, and then copy the images to the Software_Installation_Directory\GUI\Web\101 folder.
  4. Complete the following steps on each computer where the Web Console is installed:
    1. Copy the images from the extracted_folder\WebConsole\OEM\101\images folder, then paste the images to Software_Installation_Directory\WebConsole\OEM\101\images.
    2. Restart the Tomcat services.

Step 3: Notify the CommServe Database About the New Images

  1. On the CommServe computer, run the following SQL query on the CommServe database:

    Note: Make sure to replace the occurrences of the string your_company_name with the company name that you want to display in the console. The name can include spaces.

  2. From the Software_Installation_Directory/GUI folder, open the OEM.properties file and change the value of the id parameter to 101.


All the consoles now display the logo of your organization.