V11 SP8

Opening the CommCell Console with a JAR File

You can access the CommCell Console remotely from any computer where the netx.jar file exists. The CommCell Console has the same appearance and functionality as the stand-alone CommCell Console.

Before You Begin

Verify that the Web Server is installed on the CommServe computer. The CommServe computer must be accessible to computers opening the CommCell Console with the netx.jar file. For information on installing the Web Server, see Installing the Web Server.

About This Task

The additional JAR files needed to open the CommCell Console are downloaded from the CommServe host computer specified when the netx.jar file is opened. The downloaded JAR files are stored in the C:\Users\user_name\Commcell Console folder. Each time you log on, the version and build time of the JAR files in the C:\Users\user_name\Commcell Console folder are compared to the version and build time of the JAR files present on CommServe host computer. If the files do not match, updated JAR files are downloaded from the CommServe host computer.


  1. Go to software_installation_directory/GUI and double-click the netx.jar file.
  2. The first time you open the netx.jar file, enter the following information:
    • Enter a CommServe host name and a port number (port 80 is the default port).

      The information you enter the first time you log on is saved in the C:\Users\user_name\Commcell Console\console.properties file. You do not need to reenter this information the next time you open the CommCell Console with the netx.jar file.

      Note: To log on to a different CommCell Console, delete the console.properties file before you double-click the netx.jar file.

    • To connect to an environment that uses HTTPS, select the Secure Connection check box.
  3. On the Connect to CommCell window, provide the user account credentials to access the CommCell Console, and then click OK.

What to Do Next

Distribute the netx.jar file to users who need remote access to a CommCell Console.

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