V11 SP8

Disaster Recovery for Commvault Appliance A600

Disaster Recovery (DR) planning for Commvault Appliance A600 includes a set of procedures used to prepare for and recover from a Commvault Appliance disaster.

DR types are defined by your organization's Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives(RPO). Achieving these objectives usually determines and depends on your degree of preparedness for disaster.

For more information on DR planning for Commvault Appliance A600 see, CommCell Disaster Recovery.

A Commvault Appliance disaster can be defined as:

  • Loss of the CommServe and  access to storage resources (CommServe host and MediaAgent failure)
  • Loss of access to only storage resources (MediaAgent failure)
  • Loss of operating system or the deduplication database disk.

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