V11 SP8

Planning Your Data Cube Deployment

Before you deploy Data Cube in your CommCell environment, review the following information to ensure that your deployment is successful.

Prerequisite Components

The following components must be deployed in your CommCell environment before you can deploy Data Cube.

Web Console

To access Data Cube, you must have Web Console deployed in your CommCell environment. Web Console is a web-based application that allows end-users to manage their data and other features that are configured by their administrator.

For more information about the Web Console, see Web Console Overview.

Analytics Package

To collect data and information from your data sources, Data Cube uses a package called the Analytics Engine. The Analytics Engine is a service that crawls, indexes, and stores the data for Data Cube. The Analytics package is also used by Commvault products and features. You can configure multiple roles on a single Analytics Engine to support different features in your CommCell environment.

To install a new Analytics Engine you must install the Analytics Engine package and the MediaAgent software together on a supported client in your CommCell console.

Note: Before SP6, the Analytics Engine was included with the MediaAgent software. In SP6, a change was made to decouple the Analytics Engine from the MediaAgent software and create a new, separate Analytics package for greater flexibility. If your CommCell environment contains a MediaAgent that was installed in a previous software version or V11 service pack prior to SP6, see Upgrade Considerations for Analytics Package and MediaAgent before you upgrade the MediaAgent.

For more information about deploying the Analytics package, see the following topics:

Initial Configurations

After you have deployed the required components for Data Cube, you must perform the following initial configurations:

End-User Permissions

To enable end-users to access Data Cube from the Web Console, you must assign users to a role with the necessary permissions for Data Cube.

For more information, see Configuring End-User Permissions for Data Cube.

Analytics Engine

Before you can index and collect data from your data sources with Data Cube, you must enable and configure an Analytics Engine in your CommCell environment for Data Cube.

For more information, see Configuring the Analytic Engine for Data Cube.