V11 SP8

Data Cube Database Connection Options

The following additional and advanced options are available for configuring a database source with Data Cube.

Note: All SQL queries and column names are case sensitive.

Option Description
Analytics Engine Select the Analytics Engine to use for crawling the data source. Only the MediaAgents with Analytics Engine configured for Data Cube that are associated to the user appear.
Data Source Name Enter the name of the data source as it should appear under the data connector category.
SQL Query A SQL query used to select data from the database that you want to crawl for the data source. Required for all database sources.
Crawl Option Select to crawl the data source immediately. To manually crawl the database, see Crawling Data Connections.
Split by If a column in the database contains multiple values, use this option to specify the column name and the delimiter used to separate the values.

Note: This option must be configured when creating the initial database source.

Incremental Crawling Select to crawl only updated values in the database. If incremental crawling is enabled, you must enter a Primary Key, Delta SQL Query, and Delta Import SQL Query for the data source. If incremental crawling is not enabled, all crawls will be inclusive of the entire dataset from the SQL Query.

If selected, the first crawl of the database will select all of the data from the SQL Query, and any subsequent crawls will update the data according to the Delta SQL Query and Delta Import SQL Query.

Primary Key Used to specify the column that is the primary key in the database. Required if Incremental Crawling is selected.
Delta SQL Query A SQL query used to define the criteria for determining the fields that have been updated since the previous crawl. Required if Incremental Crawling is selected.
Delta Import SQL Query A SQL query used to select the data to import from the database for the rows that match the criteria in the Delta SQL Query. Required if Incremental Crawling is selected.