V11 SP8

Connecting to Salesforce with Data Cube

Use the Salesforce connector in Data Cube to collect, organize and mine the data residing in your Salesforce customer relationship management system.

Before You Begin

  • You must be able to log in to the Web Console to view Data Cube. See Accessing the Web Console.
  • Only users assigned a role with the Data Connectors permission at the MediaAgent level can access Data Cube in the Analytics section of the Web Console. The associated MediaAgent must have been configured with Analytics Engine for Data Cube.
  • You must have Salesforce login credentials to use this data source.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to the Web Console and then click Analytics.
  2. Click Salesforce.
  3. On the Data Sources (Salesforce) page, click Add Salesforce.
  4. On the New Data Source (Salesforce) page, configure the source as follows:
    1. Under Data Source Name:
      • Click the Analytics Engine list and select an Analytics Engine to store the analytics data.
      • In Data Source Name, enter a name for the data source. The name cannot contain spaces.
      • In Data Source Description, enter a description for the data source.
      • Click Next to proceed to the next section.
    2. Under Connection Details:
      • In User Name, enter the user name used to sign in to your Salesforce account.
      • In Password, enter the password for the user name used to sign in to your Salesforce account.
      • In Security Token, enter the Salesforce security token used to sign in to your Salesforce account from outside a corporate network.

        Note: You must generate a security token from the Salesforce website. For more information, refer to Salesforce documentation.

      • Click Next to proceed to the next section.

        Note: Data Cube verifies the account information you provided. If the account information is incorrect, you are prompted to change the account information accordingly.

    3. Under Table Name:
      • Click the Select a Table list and select the name of the Salesforce database table that you want to use for the data source.
      • Click Next to proceed to the next section.
    4. Under Select Columns:
      1. Click the check boxes to select the data that you want to crawl with the data source. You can click the Column Name heading to sort the list of columns or use the search bar to filter the list of column names using keywords.
      2. To collect only the data from the selected columns that has changed since the previous crawl, select Enable Incremental Crawl.
    5. Under Data Blending:
      • If you want to configure data blending, select Enable Data Blending and configure the data blending options.

        For more information, see Configuring Data Blending in Data Cube.

      • Select Start Crawling Now to start crawling the data source after the data source is saved.
  5. When finished, click Submit.