V11 SP8

Data Interface Pairs: Frequently Asked Questions

What are network interface names?

Network interface names are identifiers by which computers are known to a network. A computer can have multiple network interfaces when it has multiple Network Interface Cards (NIC). As each NIC has a unique interface name, these names are used to recognize the same computer in two different domains or in the same domain. 

What is the default network interface?

The default network interface is the interface provided during installation to communicate with all the other computers within the CommCell and the CommServe. This interface is also used for:

  • Conducting control communication with the CommServe computer.
  • Transfer data between Clients and MediaAgents.

Can I bind services to a specific NIC?

Yes, you can also bind the services to a specific NIC as described in Binding Services to a Specific Network Interface Card.

Does the software automatically change a non-functional network interface?

No. In situations where an interface fails, or becomes non-functional, the software does not automatically switch over to a working network interface.

Can I define data interface pairs when multiple interfaces have the same name?

Yes, but it is necessary to instruct the CommCell components to use a specific NIC. You can do this using the following steps:

  1. Assign a unique name to the NIC in the hosts file of the CommServe and all other components in the CommCell.
  2. Define the interface pairs that must be used between any two computers using the Data Interface Pairs wizard.

An alternate solution is to provide the IP address of the specific NIC during the creation of a data interface pair.