V11 SP8

Using Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups for CommServe Recovery

You can run disaster recovery (DR) backups to back up the CommCell databases.

  • By default, a full DR backup is performed once in a day.
  • If you need more frequent DR backups or if the backup time is longer, you can schedule differential DR backups at frequent intervals in a day. As a Differential DR backup will only back up data that has changed since the last Full backup,  it is smaller in size and takes less time to complete.
  • In the event of a disaster, you can build a new CommServe host and restore the CommServe database from the latest DR backup.

Note: To speed up the recovery process, you can stage an alternate CommServe host at a remote location readily available for disaster recovery purposes. See Using Standby CommServe Host for CommServe Recovery for more information