V11 SP8

Hardware Requirements for CommServe Failover Configuration

The following hardware is required to setup the CommServe failover configuration:

This setup requires three Windows Server computers to host the following software:

  • Production CommServe host

    You can also use an existing production CommServe host for the configuration.

  • Standby CommServe host
  • MediaAgent to backup and restore SQL Server agent data at the standby CommServe location
    • This MediaAgent must be installed on a separate instance or computer separate from the standby CommServe host.
    • Create a non-deduplicated Storage Policy using this MediaAgent. This Storage Policy must be used to backup and restore the SQL Server agent data.

For information on the hardware needed for CommServe software, see System Requirements - CommServe.

Optional Requirement

To monitor CommServe availability, you can configure a minimum of three Windows Server hosts for witness servers roles. These three hosts must be located in the standby CommServe location.

If necessary, you can use the standby CommServe or any existing MediaAgent or client computers available in the standby CommServe location as witness servers. Keep in mind, that these three witness servers must be available and online at all times.

For high availability of witness servers during a disaster, you can configure two additional witness server roles on two Windows client computers. (This is in in addition to the three witness server roles described above.) Make sure that among these five witness server roles, three of them are located in the same location as the Standby CommServe host.

Note: CommServe failover components installed on the second instance of the CommServe host can be used as a witness server.