V11 SP8

Downloading Media Explorer

Where to Download

The Media Explorer software should be downloaded on a new computer.

Before You Begin

System Requirements

Verify that the computer in which you want to use the software satisfies the minimum requirements specified in System Requirements.


You must have a user account on the Cloud Services Web site. For instructions, see Getting Access to the Cloud Services Web Site.


  1. In your Web browser, navigate to https://cloud.commvault.com/webconsole/applications
  2. Log into Cloud Services.
  3. Click Download Center.
  4. Under Category, click Tools.
  5. Click Media Explorer.
  6. Choose the appropriate bit version of the tool (Windows-x64 or Windows-x86) and click Download.
  7. If prompted, save the file to the download location on your local computer.
  8. Once the download completes Run the program.

    Or navigate to the 'Downloads' folder on your local computer and double-click CVToolMediaExplorer WinX64.exe (or CVToolMediaExplorerWin 32.exe) to run it.

  9. Click Extract.

    Note: Make sure to note down the Destination Folder before clicking the Extract button.

  10. Navigate to the Destination Folder that was noted down and then open the Base folder.
  11. Double-click MediaExplorer.exe to open the application.

What To Do Next

Catalog the Media