V11 SP8

Entering Required Firewall Settings to Configure DataServer-IP

Open the 2049 (TCP) and the 111 (TCP+UDP) ports on the DataServer-IP MediaAgent for communication with the shared MediaAgents.

These settings are required in addition to normal Commvault firewall configuration.


  1. Open port 2049 for the TCP protocol.
  2. To open a user defined mount3 port for the TCP protocol, create the nMount3Port additional setting on the MediaAgent where the 3dnfs service is running and specify any free port number as the value. After creating the additional setting, restart services.
  3. Open port 111 for both the TCP and UDP protocols.

The following table provides more information about these ports:

Port Protocol Description From To
2049 (TCP) NFS The 3DFS server listens on this port for NFS remote procedure calls (RPCs). DataServer-IP MediaAgent
111 (TCP+UDP) SUN RPC PortMapper This port is used by the DataServer-IP MediaAgent to find the mount and NFS ports used by the MediaAgent performing the backups. DataServer-IP MediaAgent