V11 SP8

Edge Endpoint Solutions Architecture Planning Guide

This Architecture Planning guide illustrates how to plan and design an environment for endpoint laptop and desktop protection. Proper design and planning will result in optimal performance and the scalability required to protect your environment with minimal infrastructure.

Design Considerations

Use the following table to determine the number and size of the CommServe system and MediaAgent required to protect your environment.

If you have CommServe MediaAgent Web Server Web Console* Proxy*
Up to 500 clients or 25 TB 1 Work Group 1 Small 1 1 1 per MediaAgent
Up to 3,000 clients or 50 TB 1 Work Group 2 Medium 1 2 1 per MediaAgent
Up to 10,000 clients or 100 TB 1 Data Center 4 Large 1 4 1 per MediaAgent
More than 10,000 clients or 100 TB 1 Enterprise 2 Extra-Large for standard mode or extended mode 1 2 1 per MediaAgent
More than 50,000 clients 2 Enterprise 2 Extra-Large for standard mode or extended mode 2 2 1 per MediaAgent

* See additional considerations below for Web Console and Proxy components

For more information on hardware requirements for your environment, see CommCell Sizing.

Web Console Considerations

Number of Users Web Server Web Console
Up to 2,500 1 1
Up to 5,000 1 2
Up to 7,500 2 3
  • Specify a Domain Namespace so that the number of hosts can be scaled based on the demand for the Web Console.
  • For environments with multiple domains, use one Web Console for each user domain.
  • For environments with multiple locations, deploy one Web Console host in each location with more than 100 users.

In all preceding environment scenarios, an additional Web Console host is required for each 1,500 users.

  • For external connectivity to a single Web Console, ensure that the host resides in the perimeter network and is made available in the internal network.
  • Use a dedicated Web Console for external access, for use with mobile applications or both.

For information on the system requirements for a Web Console, see System Requirements - Web Console.

Proxy Considerations

You can use a proxy to enable communication across the LAN or WAN without a VPN connection.

For your environment, start with one proxy host for each MediaAgent. Additional hosts might be needed for environments with large data size or low bandwidth.

We recommend that you designate a proxy for a remote site even if the MediaAgent is not in the local environment.

For information on the hardware requirements for a proxy, see Setting up the Commvault Proxy.