V11 SP8

Erasing Data by Browsing a Job

Before You Begin

  • Ensure there is a Filter Storage Policy configured for the agent in the Agent Properties (Storage Device) tab.
  • You must have an Erase Data license.
  • In the Erase Data by Browsing dialog box, only the data objects that you add to the Selected Path box are erased during the erase data operation. The additional options that you select for the browse operation only filter the data that is visible for browsing and are not applied to the data that will be erased.

Note: Content indexing data does not honor erasing data by browsing. If a file is erased using browsing and it was content indexed, the file will remain in the content index on the Search Engine according to the retention settings for content indexing.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the backup set that contains the data which you want to erase, select All Tasks and then click Erase Data By Browsing.
  2. You are warned that the data will be permanently removed. Click Yes to continue.
  3. From the Erase Data by Browsing dialog box click Browse, then select a browse time range and any advanced browse options, and click View Content.
  4. From the browse selection window, select the data objects that you want to erase, and click OK.

    Note: The advanced browsing options and filters only apply to the browse operation and are not applied to the erase data operation.

  5. Click OK and the Erase Data by Browsing job will begin. When the job is done, Job Controller displays Completed.