V11 SP8

File System Backup Quota: Managing Quotas

Once the File System Backup Quota feature is in production and file system quotas are set up, users may approach or even exceed their quota. When this happens, there are two options to ensure that backups continue:

  • End users can erase data from file systems if the File System End-User Erase feature is enabled.
  • CommCell administrators can increase the quota for the user or user group to which the user belongs, or the Active Directory administrator can make the user a member of a group having a larger quota.

Seeing Quota Usage Status

As an administrator, you can see a user's quota, and how much of it is being used, by viewing the File System Quota Usage Report. Then, if appropriate, you can then take action to remediate a situation where the usage is near quota or over quota.

Setting Up End-User Erase

The File System End-User Erase feature lets users erase backed-up or archived files by logging in to the Web Console. See File System End-User Erase for more information on that feature and how to set it up.

Increasing the Quota for a User

If you determine that a quota for a user is set too low, you can set the quota at a new level this way:

  1. In the CommCell Console, expand Security, then click CommCell Users.
  2. On the CommCell Users tab, right-click the user_name, then click Properties. The User Properties dialog box opens.
  3. On the General tab, if the Inherit User Group Quota Settings option is selected, click the Groups tab and note the external groups of which the user is a member. Click OK and go to Increasing the Quota for an External User Group to change the quota for an external group.
  4. If the Enforce File System Quota option is selected, user has its own individual quota setting. Enter a new quota size in gigabytes in the Disable data protection when media usage exceeds box.
  5. Click OK.

Increasing the Quota for an External User Group

You can change the quota size for an external group. Keep in mind that all members of the group are affected by this change.

To change the quota for a group, follow these steps:

  1. In the CommCell Console, expand Security > Domains > domain, then click External Groups.
  2. On the External Groups tab, right-click the group_name, then click Properties. The Edit Properties of External Group dialog box opens.
  3. Change the quota amount in the Disable data protection when quota usage exceeds box.
  4. Click OK.