V11 SP8

GxTail: Marking Message Content and Filtering Messages

Markers highlight all occurrences of a string of text or complex regular expression that you specify, in a color combination that you can customize. See Setting Properties for One Marker.

Filtering determines which messages are visible in the log window through simple or complex criteria. See Filtering Log Messages by Text.

Use the procedure below to set certain properties of one or more markers, and filtering, then highlight and filter the messages.

Before You Begin

Ensure that at least one file is open in an active window.


  1. On the toolbar, click Edit multiple markers, .
  2. Optional: In the Markers areas, change the definition of one or more markers by entering, changing or deleting a string or regular expression.

    Important: If you use a regular expression, be sure to select the Regular Expression option for that marker. (Click the marker, then click Advance Marker to open the Marker Properties dialog box).

  3. Optional: In the Include and Exclude Filters area, add, change or remove filter criteria. Be sure to select Enable Include and Exclude Filters if you want filtering.
  4. Click OK.