V11 SP8

Managing Media Refresh Operations

You can create an operation rule to prevent media refresh operations during peak hours. CommCell operations can be run anytime without restriction. To prevent certain operations from running during specific time periods of the day, you can define operation rules. When operation rules are configured, operations that are started within the time interval specified are placed in a queued (as opposed to pending) state. When the interval has elapsed,  these queued or running operations will resume automatically.


  1. From the CommCell Console toolbar menu, click Control Panel.
  2. Under the Schedule section, click Operation Window.
  3. From the Operation Window dialog box, set up the rule:
    1. In the Name field, enter the name of the rule
    2. From the Operations pane, select Media Refreshing operation.
    3. Under Days of week, select the day(s) days of the week from which to exclude the operation.
    4. Under Do not run intervals, select a start date and an end date to set a date interval from which to exclude the selected operations from running.
    5. Click Add to set up the interval.
  4. Select a Start Time and an End Time to set a time interval from which to exclude the selected operation(s) from running, and click Add.
    1. Click OK to close the Time Interval dialog box.
    2. Click OK from the Operation Rule Details dialog box to save your rule.
    3. Close the Operation Window dialog box.