V11 SP8

Media Management Configuration: Silo Archive

Use this dialog box to establish silo archive parameters.

Parameter Description
Hours after being marked as Full for archiving Silo volumes to tape Definition: Specifies the number of hours the Silo volumes that are marked Full must be retained in the disk media, before moving it to tape storage. A value of zero implies all full disk volumes will be marked for migration as part of Silo Archival Job, as long as the volume is not in use.

Default Value: 8 hours

Range: 1 to 72

Usage: Volumes are marked full by default every 8 hours per the Interval (hours) between marking large disk volumes full  parameter. If you increase that value, this value needs to be increased to same.

Interval (in minutes) to free the Silo cache. Definition: Specifies the interval at which the Silo cache will be refreshed. Note that when the value is set to zero, Silo cache refresh will be disabled.

Default Value: 1440 minutes

Range: 60 to 10000 minutes

Usage: Interval at which space management is performed on the disk library for removing Volumes copied to Silo storage. Threshold settings are set in the Disk Library Properties dialog box and Space Management is enabled in the Storage Policy Copy dialog box. Disabling the cache effectively stops removal of volume folders.