V11 SP8

Network Bandwidth Throttling: FAQ

Table of Contents

How do I determine the throttling rate?

Before setting the throttling rate, you should calculate the network throughput you actually require. Higher values consume more bandwidth, and the maximum throughput is limited to the available bandwidth of your network. It is best to use the minimum value that meets your needs.

Note: A value of zero Kbps removes bandwidth use restriction.

Why is the client computer I want to throttle not in the list of client computers?

Throttling is imposed between the selected client and other remote clients or client computer groups. Therefore, only those other clients and client groups are shown.

Can I set up two-way throttling between clients?

Yes, but if two-way throttling is set between clients, the lower bandwidth setting takes precedence.

How should I configure throttling when a client is behind a firewall?

When the client is behind a firewall and connected to CommServe using Commvault proxy, the throttling should be set up between the client and Commvault proxy.

What range of values does Relative Throttling support?

Any setting between 256 Kbps to 1024Mbps (1,024,000 Kbps) is valid.

How can I verify the throttling rate for a client?

You can view throttling rate settings between clients in Client Computer Properties > Firewall Configurations > Summary tab. It displays a list of remote clients between which throttling is set, along with the throttling schedule.

Can I set throttling on both a client and a MediaAgent?

Yes, throttling can be set at both the client (or client group) and MediaAgent levels, but setting it at only one of these, preferrably the MediaAgent, simplifies administration. If throttling is set at both levels, the actual limit enforced is the lower of the two settings.

How do I set my backup to use only a percentage of available bandwidth?

You can throttle bandwidth at the client or client group level, such that if the actual transmission rate falls below a threshhold that you set, the rate gets reduced to a percentage that you set. See  Configuring Bandwidth Throttling for details and setting descriptions.

Can I configure both absolute and relative throttling rules together?

Yes. Absolute and relative throttling rules can be configured together for the same client or client group. If the absolute value is lower than the calculated relative value, the absolute value applies.


  1. You create two rules for a client:
    • The first rule provides absolute throttling, with a send or receive value of 1,000 Kbps.
    • The second rule sets relative throttling for the same client at 50% of available bandwidth when the bandwidth is less than 5,000 Kbps.
  2. The bandwidth measured for the client is 4,000 Kbps. 50% of that value is 2,000 Kbps.
  3. The absolute throttling rule is lower (that is, more restrictive) than the bandwidth calculated using the relative throttling rule. Therefore, the absolute throttling rule takes precedence, and the bandwidth is limited to 1,000 Kbps.

Where does the Time Interval setting get its time information?

The Time Interval setting for bandwidth throttling takes its time information from the clock in the client computer on which the rule is created.