V11 SP8

Pre and Post Processes - Overview

Pre and post processes are batch files or shell scripts that you can run before or after certain job phases, for example, the sequential phases of data protection and data recovery jobs can be used to trigger operations outside of the data protection or recovery process. Scripts must return with exit code 0 in order for the next phase to start. If the script does not return with exit code 0, it is treated as a phase failure and the job is marked as pending. To mark the job as failed, see Failing a Job If the Pre or Post Process Fails.

To run a Save As Script file as a pre/post process, include the absolute path of the associated input file in the script file.

Note: You cannot run pre and post processes for backup jobs that are complete after the scan phase. For example, if subclient content was not added or did not change since the last incremental or differential backup, the backup and archive index phases are not performed, so the backup job is complete after the scan phase.


  • You can use an echo command to check the level of a backup.
  • You can include a case statement within a script to run specific operations based on the level of the backup job.