V11 SP8

Prepare the Service Provider for Tenant Registrations

To prepare the resources needed by tenants to join the service provider, complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a custom installation package for tenants.

    After the tenant installs the package, the tenant computer will be associated with the service provider.

    For instructions, see creating a custom package for Windows or UNIX computers.


    • In the custom package, you must include the File System Agent. You can include more agents to meet the needs of the tenant's environment.
    • When you create the package, you must select the WaitingRoom client group so that tenant computers join that group after the package is installed.
  2. Enable user registrations on the Web Console so that tenants can register with the service provider.

    For instructions, see Enabling the User Registration Link on the Web Console.

  3. Generate an authorization code for every organization that wants to join the service provider.

    For instructions, see Generating an Authorization Code for Tenants.

Tenants can now join the service provider. To understand the events that occur during tenant registrations and client installations, see Monitoring Tenant Registrations and Client Installations.