V11 SP8

Creating a Tenant Account to Sign Up for Backup Services

To sign up for backup services that are offered by the service provider, you must create a tenant account from the Web Console.

Before You Begin

To create an account, you need the Web Console URL and the authorization code that were provided by the administrator. If you have not received this information, contact the service provider.


  1. From the login page of the Web Console, click Register.

    The Create a new account page appears.

  2. Enter your user account details and the authorization code.
  3. Solve the simple math problem for verification.
  4. Click Register.


You will receive an email to confirm that you created the account.

What to Do Next

  1. Verify that you received an email to confirm that your account is activated.

    After the administrator activates your new account, you receive an email to confirm that your account is ready. If you do not receive an email in 24 hours, contact the service provider.

  2. From the Web Console, download the installation package.

    For instructions, see Downloading the Installation Package for Tenant Computers.