V11 SP8

Find a Report by Information Type

The following lists reports by information category.

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Displays overall status of the CommCell based on backup statistics, client strike counts, and deduplication database settings.


Displays the percentage of clients that  are backed up and the percentage of clients that are not backed up.

Job Summary (Web Console)

Displays the number of backup and archive jobs that completed, failed, were killed, or were delayed.

Virtual Machines

VM Backup

The VM Backup Report displays information about virtual machine backups including the last successful backup, backup size, and the estimated size of data written.

Deleted Virtual Machines

The Deleted Virtual Machines Report displays a list of virtual machines that were recently deleted and any existing job information.


The DataStore Report displays the datastore associated with each virtualization subclient.

Virtual Machine Protection in Last 30 Days

The Virtual Machine Protection in Last 30 Days Report displays the status of backup jobs that ran on all virtual machines over the last 30 days. Information includes the number of virtual machines that are protected, the backup size, and the time when the last successful backup job ran.

File Level Information

File Analytics (Data Analytics)

You can use the File Analytics report to locate outdated, redundant, and unauthorized files on your client computers.

System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for File Systems

The System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for File Systems can help you to determine the contents and structure of your organization's server and anticipate your needs for saving storage space.


Job Summary (Web Console)

Displays the number of jobs that failed, the job status, failure reason for each job, and the client, agent, and subclient where the jobs failed.


Displays information such as client strike count, largest 25 clients, subclients without storage policies, top 10 job errors, and low disk space.

Data Retention Forecast and Compliance

Displays the backup jobs that exceed their retention criteria and the reasons why data was not aged.


Displays the client strike count, slowest clients in the last 24 hours, and top 10 errors in the last 24 hours.



Use this report to set the cost of hosting Front End data, the cost of data written, and the cost per client and subclient. For each CommCell, this report displays information such as the front end size, the amount of data read, the number of clients, and the total cost of these items.



Compares the number of clients that have recent successful backups to the total number of clients.


Includes the Value Assessment section, which displays a status for network efficiency, file system clients that are candidates for archiving, and backup efficiency for file systems, virtual machines, and applications.


Displays successful, partially successful, and failed backup jobs over the last 12 months, including counts for each month.


Configuration Audit - CommCell Parameter

Compares the options that are set in all of the CommCell computers in your network against the CommCell computer that you specify. Compared settings include global filters, job manager settings, media manger configurations, and browse, search, and recovery options.

Configuration Audit - Library

Compares settings for a particular library to settings for all other libraries of the same type. Compared settings include media, drive, and mount path.

Configuration Audit - MediaAgent

Compares settings for a particular MediaAgent to settings for all other MediaAgents in the organization. Compared settings include index cache properties, firewall properties, and network throttle properties.

Configuration Audit - Storage Policy

Compares settings for a particular storage policy to settings for all other storage policies of the same type. Compared settings include retention rules, data paths, media, data verification, content indexing, and snap configuration.

Scale and Usage

Peak Capacity Usage Growth

Displays information about CAL and Traditional license consumption over time and predicts license consumption in the future. This report can help you to plan and budget data protection costs for your organization.


Peak Capacity Usage Growth

Displays a prediction of the amount of data that your organization will consume over the next 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months.

Compliance and Search

eDiscovery Exception

Displays common content index extraction errors, such as local encryption, file corruption, and improper formatting. You can use this report to determine how to remedy these errors and ensure that all possibly responsive data are available for eDiscovery and compliance searches.



Displays a list of top 10 largest clients over the last 30 days and a list of the top 10 most frequent errors in the last 24 hours.