V11 SP8

Health Report - Overview

The Health Report displays information about the overall wellness of the CommCell, including the status of backup operations (SLA), the latest installed versions of software, and disaster recovery settings. This report can help to identify the clients and policies that need to be adjusted.

 Web Console environments without Private Metrics Reporting include a smaller version of the Health Report that includes only the Version and Service Pack and Disaster Recovery Backup tiles.

Information includes the following:

  • Version and Service Pack tile that allows you to install new software, such as hotfixes, directly from the report.
  • Disaster Recovery Backup tile that allows you to configure disaster recovery settings and start a disaster recovery job from the report.
  • Summary information about the CommCell including the status of backup operations (SLA) over the last 30 days and disaster recovery settings.
  • Details about all clients including strike counts, the largest clients, and clients that have jobs with errors.
  • Job statistics, which include backup and restore jobs, long running backup jobs, and the top 10 errors over the last day.
  • Deduplication rates and performance, such as the size of DDB partitions and dash copies that have fallen behind.
  • Status of the schedule policy, if applicable
  • Usage statistics including the amount of data currently backed up, the number of clients, mailboxes, and virtual machines, and snapshot engine statistics.
  • Capacity information, such as the free space available on mount paths and disk libraries.
  • Value assessment and efficiency of the CommCell, such as the percentage of subclients with long running backup jobs, the percentage of subclients with long running restore jobs, and the percentage of subclients that are protected over the network and use source side deduplication.



This report is available with Web Console, Private Metrics Reporting, and Cloud Metrics Reporting. View this report in Web Console or on the Cloud Services.