V11 SP8

APSS - Missed SLA Report - Data Views

The APSS - Missed SLA (Service Level Agreement) Report provides information for all CommCells in your environment.

Subclients Missed SLA

This table displays information about subclients with failing backup jobs and the reasons for job failures. You can also run a workflow that allows you to exclude subclients from the SLA calculation and strike count.

Column Description
CommCell Name of the CommCell.
Client Display name for the client computer.
Agent Type of agent installed on the client.
Instance Name of the instance.
Backupset Name of the backup set.
Subclient Name of the subclient.
Reason Reason that the subclient was not backed up.
Last Backup Job Job ID for the last backup that ran.
@lastJobStatus Status of the last backup job that ran. If no backup job ran, the cell displays N/A.
Last Job Start Time Date and time when the last backup job began.
Action When clicked, runs the APSS Enable SLA workflow, which allows you to exclude the subclient from the SLA calculation and strike count.