V11 SP8

Health Report - Client Details

This report provides information clients in the CommCell environment, such as client type, installed operating system, software version, and exceptions.

To view this report:


This table includes the names of all clients in the CommCell, including the type of client, installed software version, and status.

Column Description
Client Name of the client.
Client Type Type of client, such as server or VM.
Is MediaAgent Indicates whether the client is a MediaAgent.
Operating System Type of operating system installed on the client, such as Windows Server 2012.
Version Version of Commvault software installed on the client.
Status Indicates the status of the client. Can be Installed or Deconfigured.


This table includes a list of the types of clients that are excluded from the client list in the Overview section.

Column Description
Category Type of client excluded from the list in the Overview section, such as Laptop Clients With No Subclient Policy.
Count Number of clients in the category. Click on the value in this column to see a list of the client names.