V11 SP8

Health Report - DDB Partitions Protected via Subclient

This report provides information about deduplication databases that are protected by subclient backup jobs.

To view this report:

Column Description
CommCell Name Name of the CommCell.
DDB Name Name of the deduplication database.
Hours Since Last Backup Number of hours since the last backup job ran.
Last Backup Time Date and time when the last backup job ran.
Application Size Size of the backup job.
Write Time Amount of time the backup job took to run.
Throughput (GB/HR) Data throughput ratio for the backup job.
Storage Policy Storage policy associated with the backup job.
Backup Status Whether there is a recent backup for the deduplication database.
Status Status of the deduplication database, based on backups. You can click on any value in the status column to see the parameters for Good, Warning, and Critical.