V11 SP8

Moving the Private Metrics Reporting Server to a New Host

If you want to upgrade only your Metrics Reporting Server instead of the entire CommServe software, or if your CommCell environment grows beyond 200 clients, you can move the Private Metrics Reporting Server to a different, dedicated server. To relocate your Private Metrics Reporting Server, you must move the CVCloud database, and then install the latest version of Metrics Reporting and another instance of the CommServe software on the new server.

About This Task

  • If your Private Metrics Reporting Server is already installed, along with an instance of the CommServe software, on a separate computer from your production CommServe, then follow the standard upgrade process. For more information, see Upgrades.
  • If you move the CVCloud database, all of the report schedules, alerts, downloaded reports, security settings, and CommCell groups that you created will be lost. You must recreate these after you move the CVCloud database.


This is a high-level process for moving the CVCloud database to another computer.

  1. On your Production CommServe, back up the CVCloud database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. From your Production CommServe, copy the CVCloud .dmp file and paste it to a location on the new server.
  3. On the new server, enable Internet Information Services (IIS), and then install the following components:
  4. Stop all CommCell services.
  5. Restore the CVCloud database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  6. Upgrade the restored CVCloud database using the DBUpgradeTool.

  7. Start all CommCell services.

  8. Add your production CommServe as a data source in the new CommCell Console.
  9. Update the data collection settings on the production CommServe to use the new Download and Upload URLs for the new Metrics Reporting Server location.

  10. Upload the data from your production CommServe.
  11. Configure all of your report schedules, alerts, security, and CommCell groups again on the new Private Metrics Reporting Server, and download all of the reports that you need from Commvault Store.
  12. Export any reports that you created on the old Private Metrics Reporting Server to the new Private Metrics Reporting Server.
  13. On your production CommServe, uninstall the old Metrics Reporting package.

    Warning: Do not uninstall all packages. Select only the Metrics Reporting package to uninstall.