V11 SP8


This operation returns a list of alerts.



GET <webservice>/AlertRule HTTP/1.1
Host: <host name>
Accept: application/xml
Authtoken: <authentication token>

where <webservice> is the root path used to route the API requests to the Web Server.

For more information, see Available Web Services for REST API.

Request Headers

Name Description
Host The host name of the Web Server or Web Console used in the API request.
Accept The format of the response. Valid values are: application/xml or application/json.
Authtoken The authentication token received after successfully logging on. For details on receiving an authentication token, see Authentication.


An .xml file is not needed.


Response Parameters

Parameter Description Element
myReceiveTotal The total number of alerts received. CVGui_AlertListResp
myCreatedTotal The total number of alerts created. CVGui_AlertListResp
description The alert description. alertList
createdTime The date and time the alert was created.

Valid values are UNIX-style timestamps (seconds since January 1, 1970).

notifType The notification type for the alert. If multiple notification types are needed, send the sum of the notification types. For example, the parameter to deliver alerts through email and through the console is val = "8193".

Valid values are:

  • 1, for email
  • 4, for SNMP
  • 8, for event viewer
  • 512, for save to disk
  • 1024, for RSS feeds
  • 8192, for console alerts
  • 32768, for SCOM
  • 65536, for workflow
  • 131072, for content indexing
status The status of the alert.

Valid values are:

  • 0, for enabled
  • 1, for disabled
id The system-generated ID assigned to the alert. alert
name The name of the alert. alert
id The system-generated ID assigned to the user who created the alert. creator
name The name of the user who created the alert. creator
id The ID assigned to the alert category.

Valid values are:

  • 1, for Job Management
  • 2, for Configuration
  • 3, for Media Management
  • 5, for Software Updates
  • 8, for Operation
  • 9, for Others
name The name of the alert category. alertCategory
id The ID assigned to the alert type.

Valid values are:

  • 1, for Data Aging
  • 2, for Auxiliary Copy
  • 3, for Data Protection
  • 4, for Data Recovery
  • 5, for Disaster Recovery Backup
  • 6, for Data Verification
  • 7, for Media Inventory
  • 8, for scheduled export
  • 9, for Media Erase
  • 10, for Client
  • 11, for agents
  • 12. for CommCell
  • 13, for MediaAgents
  • 14, for Schedules
  • 15, for Storage Policy
  • 16, for Library
  • 17, for Library Management
  • 18, for VaultTracker
  • 19, for Download Software
  • 20, for Install Updates
  • 21, for Device Status
  • 22, for Erase Data
  • 23, for application exchange
  • 24, for Updates Available for Download
  • 25, for File Replication
  • 26, for Upgrades and Service Packs
  • 27, for Data Classification
  • 28, for Continuous Data Replication
  • 29, for offline content indexing
  • 30, for SharePoint
  • 52, for Report
  • 53, for Information Management
  • 54, for Media Refreshing
  • 55, for DeDup DB Reconstruction
  • 57, for Log Monitoring
  • 58, for Event Viewer Events
  • 59, for Client Group
  • 60, for License
  • 61, for Backup Copy Workflow
  • 62, for log monitoring for Windows events
  • 63, for Workflow
  • 64, for Virtualize Me
  • 65, for custom queries
  • When the alertCatagory element  id parameter equals 9, the alertType element  id parameter equals the query ID.
name The name of the alert type. alertType


Sample Request

GET <webservice>/AlertRule HTTP/1.1
Host: client.mydomain.com
Accept: application/xml
Authtoken: QSDK 38568012f4d1e8ee1841d283a47aa3ba78e124ea58354b5fc6

Sample Response

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
<CVGui_AlertListResp myReceiveTotal="48" myCreatedTotal="48">
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1389380460" notifType="131073" status="144">
  <alert id="20" name="No backup for last 4 days"/>
  <creator id="1" name="admin"/>
  <alertCategory id="1" name="Job Management"/>
  <alertType id="3" name="Data Protection"/>
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1400738424" notifType="131073" status="0">
  <alert id="43" name="LOG alert"/>
  <creator id="1" name="admin"/>
  <alertCategory id="8" name="Operation"/>
  <alertType id="57" name="Log Monitoring"/>
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1390852120" notifType="131073" status="1">
  <alert id="54" name="Content Indexing - Low Disk Space"/>
  <creator id="1" name="admin"/>
  <alertCategory id="8" name="Operation"/>
  <alertType id="58" name="Event Viewer Events"/>
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1390852113" notifType="131073" status="1">
  <alert id="56" name="Schedule_1"/>
  <creator id="10" name="jdoe"/>
  <alertCategory id="2" name="Configuration"/>
  <alertType id="14" name="Schedules"/>
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1390852103" notifType="131073" status="1">
  <alert id="68" name="Updates available for download"/>
  <creator id="1" name="admin"/>
  <alertCategory id="5" name="Software Updates"/>
  <alertType id="24" name="Updates Available to Download"/>
 <alertList description="" createdTime="1403207885" notifType="131073" status="0">
  <alert id="77" name="is_Custom"/>
  <creator id="1" name="admin"/>
  <alertCategory id="9" name="Others"/>
  <alertType id="2" name="custom_alert"/>