V11 SP8

Change Share Settings (REST API: PUT)


Use this operation to add, modify or delete users or change the share and user permissions on a shared file or folder.



PUT <webservice>/ShareFolder/{shareId} HTTP/1.1
Host: <host name>
Accept: application/xml
Authtoken: <authentication token>
Content-type: application/xml


where <webservice> is the root path used to route the API requests to the Web Server.

For more information, see Available Web Services for REST API.

Request Parameters

Name Description Required
shareID The unique identifier (syncWebFolderId response) returned when you share a file or folder or view the shared files and folders in the ObjectStore or Edge Drive. For example, see Sharing a File or Folder or View Shared Files and Folders. Yes

Request Headers

Name Description
Host The host name of the Web Server or Web Console used in the API request.
Accept The format of the response. Valid values are: application/xml or application/json.
Authtoken The authentication token received after successfully logging on. For details on receiving an authentication token, see Authentication.

Request Body

Download the update_share_template.xml file required for this request. The following table displays the parameters for the update_share_template.xml file.

Parameter Description and Parameter Values Element Parent Element
sharedToOperationType Specifies if the users\user groups listed in the update request will be added, replaced, or removed from the existing user\user group list. This parameter is used only when you need to modify the user list for an existing share. Valid values are:
  • 1 - Overwrite users. This option will replace existing users\user group list with the specified users\usergroups from update request.
  • 2 - Add users. This option will add the users and user groups specified in the request to existing shared users\user groups list.
  • 3 - Delete users. This option will remove the users\user groups specified in the request from the shared users\groups list.
shareInfo App_UpdateSharedFolderReq
status Specifies whether the share is a public share or a private share. To create a public share, enter value 1. shareInfo App_UpdateSharedFolderReq
dontSendEmail Specifies whether an email notification is sent to the shared users. Valid values are:
  • 1-  do not send email
  • 0 - send email
emailInfo browseInfo
emailMessage The optional message to include in the email notification for the shared users. emailInfo browseInfo
permission The access permissions assigned to the shared user or user group. Valid values are:
  • 1 - view
  • 2 - view and edit
sharedTo App_UpdateSharedFolderReq
userType Specifies the type of entity to which the file or folder is being shared. Valid values are:
  • 1 -  user
  • 2 - email address
  • 3 - CommCell user group
  • 4 -  external AD user group
sharedTo App_UpdateSharedFolderReq
username The user account name to which the file or folder is being shared. Required only if the userType is 1. user sharedTo
email The email address to which the file or folder will be shared. Required only if the userType is 2. sharedTo App_ShareInfo
userGroupName The CommCell user group name to which the file or folder will be shared. Required only if the userType is 3. group sharedTo
externalGroupname The external AD user group name to which the file or folder will be shared. Required only if the userType is 4. externalGroup sharedTo


Parameter Description Element
errorCode The possible error codes.

Valid values are:

  • 0, successful completion.
  • a specific error code.
errorString The description of the error code. Not all error codes have an error string. App_GenericResp


Sample Request

To view all the shared files and folders:

PUT <webservice>/ShareFolder/10 HTTP/1.1
Host: client1.mydomain.com
Accept: application/xml
Authtoken: QSDK 38568012f4d1e8ee1841d283a47aa3ba78e124ea58354b5fc6
Content-type: application/xml


Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<App_GenericResp errorCode="0"/>