V11 SP8

REST API - Generating Full Download URL for Files

When you run the Edge Drive or ContentStore APIs to view the properties of a file, by default, the API response will list a relative download URL for the file.

You can configure the Edge Drive or ObjectStore to generate a full download URL for the file.


  1. Configure the GenerateFullDownloadURL global parameter in the CommServe database.

    On the CommServe computer, add the GenerateFullDownloadURL additional setting with value 1.

    For instructions on adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Refer to the following table for applicable values:

    Property Value
    Name GenerateFullDownloadURL
    Category CommServDB.GxGlobalParam
    Type Integer
    Value 1 - to generate a full download URL

    0 - to view a relative download URL

  2. Restart Internet information Services (IIS) on the Web Server.