V11 SP8

Cloud Global Repository Cell Overview

A Global Repository Cell is a CommCell system that is a repository for monitoring the metadata of jobs from other CommCell systems. The CommCell systems that are monitored are called PodCells.

When you enable the Cloud Global Repository Cell feature in a Global Repository Cell system and in its PodCells, the feature exports the metadata from the PodCells to a cloud library, and then imports the metadata from the cloud library into the Global Repository Cell system. You can configure the schedule for exporting and importing the metadata. Although direct communication exists between regular Global Repository Cell system and PodCells, it does not exist between Cloud Global Repository Cell system and PodCells.

The Cloud Global Repository Cell feature is ideal for the following:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service for clients
  • Data Analytics as a Service

You can register multiple PodCells in a Global Repository Cell system. You can also import clients of multiple PodCells into a single Global Repository Cell system.

Consider the following guidelines when you import clients from multiple PodCells into a Global Repository Cell system. For comprehensive information about the following requirements, see System Requirements - CommServe.

  • Do not configure more PodCells than a Global Repository Cell can monitor effectively.
  • The first export of data to the cloud and the first import of the data from the cloud might take more time. Subsequent exports and imports are incremental and might take less time.
  • If a PodCell has more backup data, then the export and import operations might take more time. Increase the schedule frequency of export and import operations so that incremental exports and imports have less data to process.