V11 SP8

Backup Copy for IntelliSnap Backup

A backup copy operation provides the capability to copy snapshots of the data to any media. It is useful for creating additional standby copies of data and can be performed during the IntelliSnap backup or at a later time.

How Does Backup Copy Work

The primary snapshot copy contains the metadata information associated with the snap backups. When the backup copy operation is run, the data from the primary snapshot copy is copied to the media associated with the primary copy.

Note: If primary snapshot copy is configured with spool copy option (copy with no retention rules), then the snapshots are automatically deleted when the running backup copy operation finish.

Backup Copy can be configured in two ways:

  • Inline Backup Copy

    Backup copy operation run during the IntelliSnap backup job is known as Inline Backup Copy.

  • Offline Backup Copy

    Backup copy operation run independently of the IntelliSnap backup job is knows as Offline Backup Copy.