V11 SP8

Snapshot Engines

Use this table to choose the engine for your subclient.

Storage array Snapshot type Snapshot engine
Amazon   EBS Snapshot Amazon Web Services
RBS Snapshot Amazon Web Services
DataCore SANsymphony-V   Full Snapshot DataCore Clone
Differential Snapshot DataCore Snap
Dell Compellent SC Series Snapshot (formerly Data Instant Replay) Dell Compellent Snap
Dell EqualLogic Clone Dell EqualLogic Clone
Snapshot Dell EqualLogic Snap
EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ EMC Isilon Snap
EMC VMAX3 TimeFinder SnapVX EMC TimeFinder SnapVX
EMC VMAX / VMAX3 TimeFinder VP Snapshot EMC TimeFinder VP Snap
EMC VMAX / VMAX3 / Symmetrix TimeFinder Clone EMC TimeFinder Clone
EMC VMAX / Symmetrix TimeFinder BCV EMC TimeFinder BCV
TimeFinder Snapshot EMC TimeFinder Snap
EMC Unity Snapshot EMC Unity Snap
EMC VNX / Celerra SnapSure Snapshot EMC VNX / Celerra Snap
EMC VNX / CLARiiON   SnapView Clone EMC VNX / CLARiiON SnapView Clone
SnapView Snapshot EMC VNX / CLARiiON SnapView Snap
EMC VNX VNX Snapshot EMC VNX / CLARiiON SnapView Snap

(with the Enable VNX Snapshots snapshot configuration property selected)

Snapshot EMC VPLEX Snap
EMC XtremIO Snapshot EMC XtremIO Snap
Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Snapshot EC Clone Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Clone
Snapshot OPC Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Snap
Snapshot OPC+ Fujitsu ETERNUS DX SnapOPC+
HDS Copy-on-Write Snapshot HDS Copy on Write Snapshot
ShadowImage HDS Shadow Image
ShadowImage HDS Shadow Image CCI
Thin Image HDS Thin Image CCI
HP 3PAR   Physical Copy HP 3PAR Clone
Virtual Copy HP 3PAR Snap
HP EVA   EVA Business Copy Clone HP EVA Clone
EVA Business Copy Snapshot HP EVA Snapshot
Huawei   HyperClone Huawei OceanStor Clone
HyperSnap Huawei OceanStor Snap
IBM SVC   FlashCopy (Clone) IBM SVC FlashCopy
Space-efficient FlashCopy (Snapshot) IBM SVC Space-efficient FlashCopy
IBM XIV Snapshot IBM XIV Snap
NEC Storage   DynamicDataReplication (Clone ) NEC DynamicDataReplication
DynamicSnapVolume (Snapshot) NEC DynamicSnapVolume
NetApp Snapshot, Snapshot with SnapVault and/or SnapMirror NetApp
NetApp E-series / LSI Snapshot NetApp E-series / LSI Snapshot
Volume Copy NetApp E-series / LSI Volume Copy
PiT (Point-in-Time) Snapshot NetApp E-series PiT
Nimble Storage   Snapshot Nimble Snap and Replicate
Snapshot Nimble Storage Snap (Deprecated)
Nutanix Snapshot Nutanix Snapshot
Oracle ZFS Snapshot Oracle ZFS Storage Snap
Pure Storage FlashRecover Snapshot PURE Storage Snap
SolidFire Snapshot SolidFire Snap
N/A - set transparently for Appware and vVol Snapshot Virtual Server Application Snap