V11 SP8

Snapshot Configuration Properties for the Nutanix Storage Array

The Snap Configuration tab contains a set of properties that affects the behavior of the storage array in your environment.


  • If you don't select the Auto Update Array Host Aliases checkbox, then you must manually enter any aliases for the array in the Array Host Aliases list. If you specify a list of aliases in the Array Host Aliases property to manually control the names for the array, then clear the Auto Update Array Host Aliases checkbox. Aliases are important for recognizing an array during snapshot backup jobs. An array can have multiple hostnames, IP addresses, or user configured names, which might be accessible by the client that initiates the snapshot creation.
Property Description
Snap Operation Retry Interval (in seconds) The time interval (in seconds) after which the next snap operation is attempted.

The default value is 60 (1 minute).

Snap Operation Retry Count The number of retry attempts for a snap operation.

The default value is 30.

Auto Update Array Host Aliases If you select this option, then aliases can be added by the snapshot engine during a backup job, or while adding the array.

By default, this property is selected.

Array Host Aliases The list of aliases that can be accessed by the array. If you manually enter aliases by creating this list, then clear the Auto Update Array Host Aliases checkbox.

The list is useful when array aliases cannot be detected automatically, or when duplicate assets might be detected between arrays that are shared by the same Array Controller.