V11 SP8

IntelliSnap - System Requirements for EMC VNX / Celerra

The following requirements must be met before you configure your storage array.


Install the following licenses:

Snapshot Type License
SnapSure SnapSure Snap License

Solutions Enabler Licensing

Version and Firmware

Ensure that you are using compatible versions and firmware:

Array Version and Firmware
EMC VNX / Celerra DART 5.5 or later


Ensure that at least one of the following protocols is available:

Array Protocol
EMC VNX / Celerra NFS


Install the following software components:

Array Required Software
EMC VNX / Celerra Solutions Enabler 6.5.1 or later, except Solutions Enabler 8.x, on client and proxy computers

Navisphere CLI on client and proxy computers