V11 SP8

Force Deleting Snapshots

The force delete operation is useful when a client, subclient, or a storage policy copy has been deleted or when a source MediaAgent computer is unavailable and you want to delete snapshots from the CommCell database. The force-deleted snapshots are not moved to tape and are not deleted on the array.

Note: Since the Force Delete operation does not delete snapshots on the array, you need to delete the snapshot manually on the array.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand  Client Computers > client > agent.
  2. Right-click the backupset, subclient, or instance, point to All Tasks, and then click List Snaps.
  3. On the Snaps created during IntelliSnap operation dialog box, right-click the snapshot to select it to force delete.
  4. Click Force Delete.

    The Enter Confirmation dialog box appears

  5. Enter the confirmation text string, force erase snapshots, and then click OK to force delete the snapshot.